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Inexpensive Home remodeling projects with big Benefits

October 6, 2022
LVT Rustic Stair Treads

This project was to remove the old matted down carpet and replace with some other product that would not need long term maintenance. We have lots of choices from solid oak treads, veneer oak panels, laminate flooring and LVT Tile.

In searching through the Home Depot site we found that they now make LVT tile stair caps to match the flooring that we installed in the homeowners craft area. Our goal was to have something to match that recently installed LVT flooring and yet look rustic as the current floor does . What a winner these are.

We were able to pull the carpet and actually remove the tread's due to squeaking, re-glue and screw the treads down again. Squeaks gone!!! Once done we only had to make the riser boards, paint white and glue install with the new LVT treads. They don't move like other options that are not glued down and clack when you step on them/

With the two contrasting colors it make the treads more visible to someone with impaired vision. The treads are slip resistant where carpet tends to stretch, bunch and can cause a trip hazard. These tread's'' could not be easier to clean and now going up and down the stairs with shoes on is possible. no loose carpet to soil.