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Custom built to the customers desire to have one of these classic Craftsman Bungalow homes.  Popular from the early 1900 to 1930's the Craftsmanship, character and attention to detail were most pronou

Custom home building requires high-quality skills and years of wisdom in homebuilding. Custom Home Builders are professional team members who create your haven from scratch. They are skilled and highly endured builders who understand the nuances and demands and help you accomplish your target. Mostly, when you buy a house, it is not as you may have anticipated or lacked some key features that you wanted, and wonder who the custom home builders near me are?

Some people have large or multi-generation families, or some may want an elegant extended open kitchen. Buying a house and then remodeling it can be very costly.

Instead, you can opt for building custom homes where you can easily compose and structure the house. It is highly convenient for those who want to live near an incredible view of nature.

Stone porch columns with double supporting columns
Inspiration for a modern kitchen remodel in Cedar Rapids

Add your style

From bricks to the color of your walls, you can design everything. Creating a house from scratch is an extraordinarily lengthy and challenging task, but at the same time, it will have everything you ever wanted. We have systems to aid you in the process

Warm and inviting room with full height custom fireplace with tile and paneled floor to ceiling trim and mirrored wall.  Solid oak floor for easy upkeep and accommodation for nice area coordinated flo
Downsizer master bedroom with on suite  great arrangement size with plenty of room for night stands dressers and more. Notice the clerestory windows that add lots of light to the room without  comprom

Extra rooms/spaces

You can design your house in such a way that suits your family the best. It is ideal for large families to have more rooms to accommodate all of the members. If you want a bathroom with a luxurious bathtub and specifications, we can design that too.

Along with that, you can add customized rooms such as a library, custom walk-in pantry, or a nice pocket office out of the way of the activity in the home. Screened in porch and 4 season rooms are all the rage now and we incorporate lots of them in our designs.

Accessible home built-up with a double retaining wall to allow for a walk-out basement. Sidewalk ramps up from driveway to front door to allow for a no-step entry.
Example of a mid-sized arts and crafts green two-story vinyl exterior home design in Cedar Rapids with a clipped gable roof

Increased Value

You will notice a significant increase in the value of your house very soon after you build it. Customized homes are unique, and this will contribute to the rise in the value of your home.

Often the appraisals for a new home come in far about the cost you are paying producing instant equity. Buyers coming into the area looking for a home will always go for the newest available home with the most special custom features.

Working With Us Is Simple


Contacting Us

You will contact us first, and then we will connect you to our design-build team to start the process.

Contact Us


Discussing Project

When you reach out to our team members, we will discuss the plan you have for custom home building. We will then discuss the final cost for the project, along with the total budget. We will discuss the price/cost as per your requirements and demands. We will also visit the location before signing up for a contract and will give you some insight and suggestions related to customization.


Selecting the Design

You will then specify the designs you want. We will be awaiting a customized plan for creating your haven. Make sure to draw or note the specification you want for your house. We will guide you in the process.  


Signing the Contract

We will sign a legitimate contract with you, having all the terms and conditions.


Working on the Project

We will then start working on the home building services and plan you approved. We will send you our best professional team. Meanwhile, you will always be in contact with us almost 24/7 until the very end of the project.


Receiving the Final Outcome

Our team members will then present you with a complete masterpiece we created together.