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Open kitchen, nook and great room for casual room to entertain and enjoy the family.  Craftsman light fixtures, paneled custom fireplace with custom grate doors and hearth

Professional home remodeling is the reshaping and restructuring your house from scratch, with the help of expert professionals. These experts change the way your home looks, functions and improve how easy the home is for you to live in. They help you create the home you need and make it into a fantastic place that you will admire.

At Fairbanks Builders, we work to improve your lifestyle and upgrade the luxuries of your house, while ensuring it will meet your needs today and for the future. Unlike home renovation, we not only repair or fix damage, but we also modify the framework of your place to make it easier to live in.

We help you transform your house into your dream home. If you are looking to remodel your house, or flip a property, our remodeling contractors in Cedar Falls are here to help you turn your vision into reality.

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Open kitchen with an abundance of Hickory shaker cabinetry  from our custom line of kitchen Cabinets from Crestwood Inc..  Enormous storage and with built in storage extras, room for all of your impor
Our super open great room aging in place concept home that provides  easy accessibility regardless of physical condition. Wide 3' doors   and plenty of space between cabinets and the huge island.

Home Remodeling in Cedar Falls

Home remodeling is an investment in your future. This is especially true, since Fairbanks incorporates Universal Design into nearly every project, which can help you now and in the future.

When you need a professional you can trust, we provide remodeling services that can be your expert team to ensure your home is exactly what you want and need. Just some of the types of projects we work on, include:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Home additions
  • Addition or removal of walls
  • Whole house renovation
  • New Construction
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Custom remodeling projects

Whether you want to remodel an entire home or add an aging in place suite, Fairbanks Builders are the trusted home remodeling experts in and around Cedar Falls, IA.

I had Fairbanks Builders drow my house plan. I made many changes along the way. It was always done quik, and I with no extra cost. I was very happy with their work, and will probably go back in the future.

Customer Satisfaction:

Fairbanks Builders always work for the satisfaction of our clients. Our services are highly customer-centered and thus ensure absolute excellence.

Why remodel a home?

When your home isn’t exactly what you want now (or, if it won’t be what you need in the future), we are here to help. There are many reasons you may want to remodel your home, including:

Aging in place

Having a home that is multi-generational (easy for everyone to live in) and ready for your later years in life is crucial for some older adults. Creating a home environment that increases safety and make living easy is not as hard as it sounds. We specialize in aging in place home remodeling.

Handicap accessibility

There are plenty of Americans that, due to physical limitations, need a home that is compatible with their abilities. At Fairbanks Builders, we can create a home for you that meets your needs now and will meet your needs in the future.

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Repurpose a room

Are you empty-nesters? Or, do you have a room in your home that doesn’t quite suite your needs? You can have it remodeled to make it useful in your life.

You can add more space, create built-in storage, expand living areas or make it a place where you can work or increase productivity. Modify an existing bedroom for an office, add a master suite for you (or for aging in place), add walls to cordon off spaces or create spare storage space.

Comfort & easy living

As time goes on, our home spaces don’t always continue to serve the same purposes they once did. The needs you might have had when you built your home (or bought it) may not be the same. So, why shouldn’t your property change to meet your changing requirements? You can remodel your home to suit your changing priorities in life, as well as your changing needs.

Increase in the resale value of your home

No one wants to put money into their home that they don’t think they can get back if they sell it. We can help you choose the most appropriate features and benefits, to ensure you get your money back. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, you want to make sure you are modifying it so it can meet the needs of future buyers.

Customizing your home

Does your home look like it needs updating? Is it not meeting your current needs? If either of those are true, you should consider home remodeling to update it. A professional home remodeling contractor like Fairbanks can help you update the look of your home, while making it so much easier to live in. As such, you can enjoy new and enhanced features, while maintaining your investment when it comes time to sell.

You also can add personalized features that will make your home easier to live in, such as a new or improved kitchen, master suite, laundry area or bathroom.

Reducing maintenance

A home that is made to be highly-functional will require less maintenance than one that is not. By upgrading portions or most of your home, you can increase how easy it is to live in and decrease the cost to maintain the home.

This can include anything from repurposed spaces to energy efficient appliances to exterior renovations. It can help you save money in the long run and make life at home more enjoyable.

massive cherry craftsman style cabinets with storage galore.  Built in double ovens and cooktop set in durable quarts counter tops for easy cleaning and great look.

Professional home remodeling

When you’re ready to start modifying your home to meet your lifestyle, Fairbanks Builders is here for you. Your choice in a home remodeler should be based on some of the following:

  • They are licensed & insured.
  • They have professional certifications & training.
  • They have years of building/remodeling experience.
  • They are an established company in the community.
  • They can provide references from past clients.

If you are looking to have your home remodeled in the Cedar Falls area, we suggest you choose from the home remodelers in your area that meet or exceed all of these.

Working With Us Is Simple


Contacting Us

Once you contact us, we will connect you to our customer service department. When through, you will provide them the details and purpose of your call, after which they will connect you with the right team to handle your project.

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Discussing Project

When you reach out to our team members, we will discuss the plan you have for remodeling. We will then discuss the final cost of the project, along with the total budget. The price will be discussed as per your remodeling requirements and demands.


Selecting the Design

You will specify the designs you want. You may choose from the templates available within our portfolio, or you may come up with a customized plan for remodeling your house.


Signing the Contract

We will sign a legitimate contract with you, having all the terms and conditions.


Working on the Project

We will start working on the plan once it’s approved by you. We will send to you our best professional team. In the meanwhile, you will always be in contact with us until the very end of the project.


Receiving the Final Outcome

Our team members will then present you with a complete masterpiece we created together.